Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

Patient/Customer Satisfaction

Patient/customer satisfaction here connotes:

  • Convenience of the patients/ customer - Patients should be able to contact easily for appointments; all the necessary information should be readily available, service should made available to the patients when & where they require. The clinic/ hospital should be set in a convenient location so that people can reach easily.
  • Results of service
    Quality service & reliability should be ensured to the customers. A range of services offered to the customers. People don't mind paying well for good service but cost effectiveness must be established.
  • Environment
    The clinic should have clean, hygienic and pleasant environment. Signage of the clinic should be easy to read and strategically placed.
  • Staff
    The staff should be able to understand customer needs. Staff must also be competent & show willingness to meet customer needs, in addition to being polite and courteous.
  • Process
    The process that you follow in the clinic should be easy and convenient
  • Impression
    Every impression is important. In whatever we do whether it 's the service we provide or the way our clinic is set up. Be sure there is something that will grab people 's attention and make them notice that we've spent time on the details. It boils down to providing 'Good service every time!'